Used RV Values – How Do You Know What You Should Pay for a Used RV?

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If you have ever looked at advertisements for used RVs, then you have probably already realized that used RV values vary enormously from brand to brand, model to model, and year to year.

In fact, there is such a huge difference between some of the second-hand RV prices out there, that it can seem as though they are selected entirely at random. That is not usually the case.

Used RV values vary a lot, but dealers don't always give you the best price. Used under a Creative Commons licence courtesy of .Larry Page at Flickr

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Whether you are looking for used Airstreams in particular, or just a reasonably-priced used RV, there are several things that can affect the price. In this article, we look at what affects used RV prices, and how you can be sure that you are paying in the right ballpark.


The first factor that could influence used RV values is the manufacturer of the vehicle. Certain types of RVs, for instance used Airstreams, are in greater demand than others, and RVs, like anything, are priced based on supply and demand.

That means that if you are looking for a used RV made by a popular manufacturer, used RV values will be higher – even for the same year and a similar model as a less popular model.

So if you are looking for cheaper RV prices, the first thing to do is to choose a less popular manufacturer or brand name.

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Another thing that will influence RV values is the model. Some RV models are in huge demand – even when they are used – and again, the higher the demand, the higher the price you are likely to pay.

Do a little research to find out what models are in demand, and which are less sought after, and consider choosing one of the less in demand options.

Year of Manufacture

A big factor in used RV values, just like the value of any other vehicle, is the year in which it was made. The older an RV is, typically, the lower the value will be.

However, in some special cases, iconic, classic or vintage RV values can be considerably higher than most other older models, simply because of their value to collectors.

Make sure that you look at RVs that are not considered collectors items if you want to avoid the other cost.

Condition of RV

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Condition is another big factor in used RV values. If an RV has been well cared for, rarely used, and shows very little sign of wear and tear, then it's likely to sell for a lot more than a similar model and year that's been used a lot, and have lots of wear and tear.

RV values are also influenced by physical damage, or mechanical problems. If it is going to cost the buyer money to repair it, then that money will come off the market value of the RV.

That is something buyers and sellers should both bear in mind too. Buyers should know that they can negotiate a significant drop in price based on damage, and sellers can boost the price they can get for their RV by doing repairs themselves, before they choose to sell.

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Improvements to the RV

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Just like damage and wear and tear can affect used RV values, any improvements an RV owner does to their RV can boost the price of the vehicle when the time comes to sell it.

Those improvements could involve official accessories, or after market modifications, or it could be something as simple as replacing the standard fittings and fixtures inside the RV with top of the line equipment.

For instance, an RV with a flat screen TV that does not come standard could sell for more than a similar model with the standard TV, or with no TV.

Researching Used RV Values

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RV Blue Book Values

A good place to start, either as a buyer or a seller of an RV, is to find out what the used RV values are for similar models to the one you are thinking of buying or selling, by looking at the standard RV blue book values for an RV of the same type.

This is a standard guide, which usually gives you the highest, lowest and an average market value for a particular manufacturer, model and year.

Some sites even allow you to customize the values with special features and modifications, which helps you to narrow down the price closest to the vehicle in question. Click here to read more about the blue book for RVs.

Once you have that, the next step is to consider changes – both good and bad – that have been made to the vehicle. Anything that has to be repaired and replaced would lower the price accordingly, and anything that has been added or improved that would increase the value should be added to the price.

Using these tools to narrow down the price range for the RV you're looking to buy or sell gives you a good guide, and can even help you to apply for RV finance, if you're in the market to buy – you'll know how much to apply for in terms of loans.

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Not an Exact Science

Even with all the information out there, pricing used RV values is not an exact science. Sometimes, sellers want to make a sale quickly, so they price their vehicles much lower than their actual market value.

Sometimes, buyers want a particular type of RV so badly, they're willing to pay more than the average value, and sometimes, for instance at RV auctions, there's no telling what the used RV values for the vehicles on offer will end up being.

Whatever you do, do not rush into buying or selling an RV, until you have considered all of the information related to used RV values. You might end up paying more than you should, or you might find that you sell for less than you could.

A little research goes a long way in the world of used RVs, so take your time, and make sure you get what you should, whether it is more vehicle for your money, or more money for your vehicle.

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