Used RV Prices Better Than Ever – So Why Not Buy Now?

Used RV prices are very tempting right now.

There's a funny thing that happens when we all collectively tighten our belts (which is what the whole world has been doing since the last recession.)

First, people who need to access cash because they can't access credit have to sell off their assets; second, because more people are selling those assets, there's a greater supply than demand, and it becomes a buyer's market.

Used RV prices are very tempting right now. Used under a Creative Commons licence from at Flickr

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That's sort of what's happened in the used RV market. There's more choice, for less cost, in nearly every type of RV out there.

Where to Find the Best Used RV Prices

There's even better news, if you're researching used RV prices because you're looking for a good deal on used RVs: they're everywhere these days.

From RV dealerships to RV auctions, to sites like eBay and craigslist, to your local newspaper and even the many RV clubs out there, you can find RVs for sale just about everywhere.

So What Kind of Used RVs Should You Look For?

When you're looking for used RV prices, it's a good idea to know what you're looking for. Do you want an older RV, that's been well kept by a careful owner? Or are you more interested in a almost new, high-tech model?

In the first instance, you may have more luck looking for private sellers through newspapers or classified sites. At the upper end of the market, you're more likely to find results if you look for repossessed RVs through RV auctions and dealerships.

Older RVs that have been owned by RV enthusiasts are likely to be well cared for, while those that have been repossessed are more likely to be more modern and well-appointed.

It's even possible to get bargain deals from RV rental agencies – but be warned, many of those have been ridden hard, and might not be in the greatest condition.

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Your Priorities When Looking At RV Prices

So, we've already established that there are plenty of used RVs around – something for nearly every price range and need. However, just getting the best price doesn't make sense.

You need to establish your priorities in terms of used RV prices first.

For instance, when it comes to condition, do you want an RV that you can simply get into and leave on a vacation, or are you interested in restoring an older RV instead?

It's likely that a restoration project will be much, much cheaper, but if you're the kind of person that considers your cell phone the most technical piece of 'power tool' kind of equipment you're likely to use, then it's not likely to be worth the price to you.

Researching Used RV Values

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Then there's comfort and convenience. Obviously the more modern and contemporary the RV you buy, the more modern conveniences you're likely to get included in the deal.

If you prefer your camping rough and ready, with meals prepared on an open fire, does it really make sense to buy an RV with a microwave and an expensive built-in stove?

Another factor is size and space. If you're looking for a small, light, easy to transport RV for two, then even if you get the very best deal imaginable on a seven berth monster, it's still not a good buy.

Every time you look at used RV values, remember what you need and want. Don't get taken in by flashy features that you don't need, or you will probably still be spending more than you should.

Finding Repossessed RVs

It's no big secret that the best used RV prices out there are on repossessed vehicles. In fact, you're likely to save up to fifty percent off the price of a similar vehicle if you buy repossessed RVs at auction.

Repossessed RVs are another way to find the RV wholesalers on their A game. Shop around for the best deal for you

The trick is finding out when they are going to be auctioned, or even arranging a private sale before the auction even happens.

One way to do this is to speak to banks and finance companies directly, and to ask them to let you know when a repossessed vehicle is available. Another way is to find all of the auction houses in your area that handle RVs, and to do the same with them.

You might even find it useful to put your own advertisement in a local newspaper that states that you are willing to 'buy' financed RVs from distressed owners.

The process is simple: if you already have approved RV finance, the seller tells you how much they owe their bank, your finance company settles their outstanding balance, and ownership is transferred to you and your finance company.

You then pay your loan off to your bank, and the previous owner walks away from the deal with no debt.

This is a popular option for distressed sellers, because having a vehicle repossessed often results in their still owing the company more money, when the vehicle sells for less than the amount of their debt.

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Used RV Prices Are Likely to Stay Low for a While to Come

The good news for people who are looking to buy RVs is that used RV prices are likely to stay low for a while to come. That's because there are still plenty of used vehicles on the market, and because many of the RV manufacturers are also bringing out newer, cheaper RV options.

RVs have always been seen as luxury purchases, even if you buy the lower end of the range models. They're also one of the safest options for finance companies, and that means that there's not only lots of choice, but more chance you'll get RV finance approved.

Whether you're looking to buy new from a manufacturer who offers an economy option, or to take advantage of the many second-hand options out there, you're almost certain to find what you're looking for.

Either way, there's never been a better time to buy an RV. Because they're luxury vehicles, there's a reduced demand as people are still shaving money off their budgets. So if you can afford one, new or used, now is the time to make your move.

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