Used RV Loans: Online Shopping for the Best RV Loan Rates

If you have been looking everywhere for used RV loans, then it may just be time to head online. The internet offers a wealth of options for the used RV shopper.

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You can find out everything you need to know about your RV loan rate, whether you qualify for an RV loan, and everything else you need to know, without ever leaving your home!

In this article, we look at the process involved in finding and applying for used RV loans online, so that you know what to do, and where to look.

Specialist vs General RV Loans

One of the best reasons to take your search for used RV loans online is that often, the RV loan companies you find online are specialists in the leisure vehicle financing industry.

Unlike banks and other financing houses, they sometimes have less strict requirements, which makes financing used or second hand RVs a simpler matter.

Step One: Decide On Your Budget

Whether you already have prices available for the used RV you want RV financing to buy, or whether you have just started researching used RV prices, having a ballpark budget in mind for the purchase is always a good idea.

Consider each of the many RV types, and their relative pricing. Look into makes and models, and find out what the RV blue book values are. This will help you when you are calculating your RV loan rate later on.

Step Two: Look for Used RV Lenders

Finding companies that offer used RV loans is relatively simple: log in to your search engine, and type in "used RV loans". You could add your state or area if you prefer to deal with a local company or branch. The box below will help you research.

Make sure that the companies you are considering are legitimately allowed to offer RV loans, and that they have a good reputation. They should be registered financial service providers, and there should, at the very least, be good reviews about them online.

Questions About This Topic?

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Step Three: Look for an RV Loan Calculator

Once you have narrowed down the companies you think you might want to deal with by searching online, the next step is to look on their websites, to find out if they offer a used RV loan calculator.

These online tools allow you to enter information like the cost of the vehicle, how much money (if any) you have to use as a down payment, and other pertinent information, like your preferred loan term, and other factors that will determine your RV loan rate.

By the end of this step, you should have found one or two companies that offer you the best RV loan interest rates, and those are the companies you should shortlist.

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Step Four: Apply for Pre-Approval

Once you have identified the companies that offer you the best RV loan rates for used RV loans, the next step is to apply for pre-approval. Usually, you can do this from the form you have used to calculate your rate.

You will need to provide additional information, such as identification documents and income information, and typically, the approval process takes a couple of days.

If you are approved, you will receive an email, confirming that you are eligible for used RV loans, and outlining the RV loan rate you will be offered if you choose to accept the deal.

Remember that until you accept the deal, you are not liable for anything, and you can always refuse a deal that you apply for if you find a better one elsewhere.

The best RV loan rates are a few clicks away

Step Five: Shop for a Used RV

Once you have a pre-approved used RV loan amount, and you know exactly how much you qualify, at what kind of RV loan rate, the only thing left to do is to shop for a used RV.

Having a pre-approved loan can help the process more than you think. In fact, it gives you a position of power from which to bargain from. Having "cash" when you approach a used RV dealer means you could negotiate hard on the purchase price, and be comfortable walking away.

If one dealer won't budge, then the next one will be happy to take your business.

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Shopping for a Used RV – Tips and Tricks

Once you have a used RV loan pre-approval in your hand, and you have negotiated great RV loan interest rates, it is only too easy to rush out and make an impulse buy.

Stop! Relax. You are in great shape. It's a buyer's market, so be a smart buyer. Here are some things you should bear in mind about shopping for a used RV:

  • Private sellers often offer better prices than dealers do, but buying from a dealer gives you someone to go back to if something goes wrong later on.
  • You should never buy a used RV 'as is.' RV repairs are an expensive business, and if something breaks shortly after you have paid hard-earned money for it (or used an RV loan to finance it) it is you who will be out of pocket.
  • Finding an RV mechanic who is willing to go with you, and check out every used RV you are considering, is a great idea. Even if you have to pay for the service, it can save you a bundle later on, and it's well worth it.
  • Before you buy a recreational vehicle using a used RV loan, consider the resale value in a couple of years. If it is a sought-after model and you are getting it at a bargain rate, it could be a great investment. RVs do not depreciate the same way that cars do. Hot brands can actually appreciate, or lose very little of the initial purchase price.
  • Do some research into makes and models. You do not want to spend your used RV loan buying a make or model that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. If you do, you will find that every repair you have to do costs a fortune, and takes a long time, because you will have to try to source parts from all over the world.

Getting an RV loan opens the door to a whole new world of travel possibilities, and online used RV loan options make it all a whole lot easier.

You still need to exercise caution when you make the choices involved, to ensure that you get the best deal.

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