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Thor RV: The World's Biggest Manufacturer

When you think of the world's most famous RVs, you probably have a few RV types in mind – the big names, the brands that the celebs use.

Thor RV is the world's biggest brand. Used under a Creative Commons licence courtesy of .Larry Page at Flickr
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It might surprise you to know then, that the world's largest RV manufacturer isn't Airstream travel trailers, or Winnebago motorhomes, but Thor – also known as Thor Industries. In fact, you may not know this, but Thor Industries OWNS some of the biggest brand names in RV types out there today!

In this article, we'll look at a history of the company, some of their top brands and models, and information about how and where to buy a Thor RV. So if you like the idea of considering RV types from the biggest RV company out there, read on.

Who Makes Thor Recreational Vehicles?

Thor brands are made by Thor Industries. Unlike some of the big-name RV types out there, Thor is a relatively new brand – they were founded in 1980, by Wade F. B. Thompson (TH) and Peter B. Orthwein (OR).

The company started with the acquisition of Airstream, but the new owners quickly realized that while Airstream was a well-known brand, it also wasn't doing as well as it once had. So they set out to create a company that catered to just about every RV customer in the market.

Along the way, the acquired key companies, like Canada's General Coach, Komfort and Skamper – all big names in coach, camper and travel trailer brands.

The company now includes the Thor brand, Airstream, Breckenridge, Crossroads, Dutchmen, Keystone, Heartland and Redwood. However, for the rest of this article, we'll be looking at the Thor brand on its own.

The company is currently ranked number 744 on Fortune 500's list of 1000 top American companies, and while their sales have taken a dip thanks to the credit crisis and recession, they're still one of the strongest RV brands out there.

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Why Choose Thor?

The question you're probably asking now is why choose Thor over other brands – aside from the fact that many of those brands are owned by Thor Industries anyway?

You have huge choice. Thor RVs come in Class A, Class B+ and Class C. They're available in a variety of sizes and engine specifications, in gas and diesel.

There are entry-level models that offer the basics at budget friendly prices, and there are luxury options that have every bell and whistle you could possibly want, and then some (and cost as much as you would expect from what is essentially five star accommodation on wheels!)

Then there's the fact that with so many experts in the Thor Industries group of companies, they have access to the very best in design and innovation in terms of RV types. If it's new, exciting and innovative, chances are it's in a Thor.

Where to Buy a Thor

If you've been looking at the astounding history of Thor Industries, and you're decided that a Thor RV is the right vehicle for you, then the next step is to find a dealer.

Fortunately, being the world's biggest RV manufacturer, Thor are one of the RV types that aren't hard to track down. There's a large network of US dealers located in every state and area, as well as many used RV dealers that offer Thors.

You can also find Thor RVs at RV auctions and wholesalers, or buy contacting the Thor RV owners club. Look in classifieds online and off, and you're likely to find at least one Thor RV for sale at any given time.

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Choosing a Thor

So if you're interested in buying an RV from the leading manufacturer of RV types in the world, where do you start?

First, consider the class. Do you want the convenience of a Class A? Do you prefer the budget-friendly prices of a Class C?

Then consider your family. How many people do you need to accommodate in your Thor RV? Will you be growing your family while you own it, or are you likely to take friends along when you hit the road?

Next, think about the level of luxury that you need. Are you a flat screen TV and top-of-the-line microwave kind of outdoors person, who doesn't so much get away from it all as take it all with you? Or do you like to keep it simple and travel light?

Finally, consider your budget. You might even want to visit a bank or RV financing company before you visit a Thor dealer, to find out how much you can prequalify for in terms of finance.

Take all this information along when you go to a Thor dealer, and they should be able to match your specific needs to one of the RV types in their product line.

What To Do After You've Bought a Thor

Once you've made the decision about which Thor RV type to buy, you've qualified for finance, and you're driving out of the dealer's lot, you're about to begin the next phase of the process – being a Thor RV owner.

It's a good idea to find a Thor owner's club in your area. These clubs are for RV owners, and they not only offer a good social experience, they also keep you up to date with accessories, special offers and more.

You'll also want to make sure that you keep your Thor warranty on hand if you've bought your RV new. If you need roadside assistance, certain repairs or anything else, you'll need to have the information handy.

Make a point of finding a Thor service center or repair shop in your area too. It's always good to know in advance where you can go for spares, advice or repairs.

After that, there's nothing to do but hit the road.

Thor RVs may not be the best-known brand on the market – but the company does own some of the best brands. So if you're looking for quality and affordability, and not just one of the brand-name RV types out there, then Thor RV is a fantastic choice.

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