RV Blue Book Values – Everything You Need to Know as a Buyer or Seller


If you are in the market to buy a used RV (or looking to sell one), there is one thing you probably have no idea about – what you should pay for it (or charge a buyer!).

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RV blue book values can help you figure out how much an RV should cost you before you bargain

The good news is that there are RV blue book values that you can use to determine what a similar make, model and year, in good condition, would sell for, which can help you to determine a fair price.

In this article, we look at what used RV values are in more detail, and how RV buyers and sellers can use them to streamline the process.

What Are Blue Book Values?

Chances are you have already used a blue book system – when buying or selling a used car. However, what you might not know is that there is a similar system to calculate used RV values.

RV blue book values (usually either a Kelley blue book RV value, or a NADA RV blue book value). These RV blue book values are based on the depreciation and other factors, and vary by make, model and year.

Using them as a basis for used RV values ensures that everyone involved in the transaction gets a fair deal.

Researching Used RV Values

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Kelley RV blue book is the most commonly used price guide. Click to read more.

How Can Buyers Use Blue Book Values?

If you are in the market for a used RV, you have probably noticed that used RV values vary wildly. The exact same model, make and year from a dealer might be priced completely differently to the same vehicle somewhere else. So how do you know what you should be paying?

That is where blue book values come in. Using either Kelley blue book RV values, or NADA blue book RV values, you are able to determine what the fair price would be for the RV you are considering buying. This is helpful in several ways.

First, if there's damage to the RV you're considering, knowing what the blue book values for models in good repair can help you to negotiate a significant saving, which could allow you to make the repairs, and still get a good deal.

Next, there is the price itself. Even if the vehicle is in good condition, there is a ceiling on what a seller should charge for it. Knowing the RV blue book values for the brands, models and years you are interested in ensures that you can look only for those that are reasonably priced.

Finally, if you notice a vehicle is priced well below its RV blue book values, it is a red flag. Chances are, there may be something mechanically or otherwise wrong with the vehicle; it may also be stolen, or not clear of RV financing.

If you know what it should cost, you will know to ask the question, and you could avoid a costly mistake.

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NADA is the other common price guide for RVs. Click to read more.

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How Can Sellers Use RV Book Values?

The next thing to consider, when it comes to used RV values, is how sellers can use this information. Again, there are several ways.

Firstly, you can use the information as a benchmark for your price to buyers. If you bought your RV some time ago, you may have no idea what you could charge, if you were to sell the RV to someone else.

Then you can also use Kelley blue book valuations or NADA blue book values to determine what you should knock off your price for minor damage.

All of those values are usually based on mechanically and physically sound vehicles, so if yours has a problem or two, you can price yours accordingly – under the recommended RV blue book values, and still attract buyers.

Finally, there's trading in your RV to consider. How do you know what you should be getting back from the dealer on your new RV?

RV book values should tell you what the going rate is on a trade in similar to yours, so you know before you even inquire what you are entitled to ask for – knowledge is certainly power in this case, and it helps to know what you should be negotiating for.

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How Accurate Are RV Blue Book Values?

As with any vehicle, book values are a guide only. They are based on the best-case scenario, and do not take individual circumstances into account.

If you get an RV book value for a used RV, you still need to assess damage, broken items, changes or improvements that have been made, and so on. Each of those issues will either increase or decrease the price, so bear that in mind whether you are buying or selling.

It is only if the RV in question is stock standard, in excellent condition, and not damaged in any way that the standard RV book value will apply almost entirely.

So use the figures you get when you look at Kelley blue book RV values and NADA blue book RV values as a guide, and adjust it according to the actual condition of the RV in question.

You should also remember that often, RV book values apply only to RVs bought and sold in the US. You may need to make adjustments to those figures for exchange rates in other countries.

What Does It Cost to Get RV Blue Book Values?

Unlike the blue book value of cars, which are usually freely accessible (for late model cars at least), it may cost a little to get an RV blue book value.

That is because you may need to order a copy of the printed version of the blue book guide, or an individual certificate from Kelley or NADA.

If you're a seller, then it may be worth doing so, so that you can present potential buyers with a printed copy of that document. However, if you're a buyer, you should stop by the library first: very often, public libraries keep copies of the guide, and you can do your research there for free.

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