What Is a NADA RV Blue Book Value, and How Does It Help You?

What are RV blue book values, and what is a NADA RV blue book value?

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We look at why they matter for buyers and sellers, and how to use them to the best effect. So read on, and find out everything you need to know.

What RV Blue Book Values Are

The first question most people have, when it comes to a NADA RV book value, or any other kind of RV blue book values, is what they are.

In a nutshell, a NADA RV blue book value is a valuation of the vehicle in question, which takes into account the make, model and year of the vehicle.

It does not usually take any other information into account – such as any improvements, or even accident damage.

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As such, a NADA book valuation is a best-case scenario. If your RV is in perfect condition, and if you have neither damaged nor improved it, it is the market value for that type of RV.

A NADA RV blue book valuation does not guarantee that that is the price you can buy or sell an RV for – it is simply the going rate for similar RVs of the same make, model, type and year.

Who Are NADA Anyway?

NADA, or more accurately N.A.D.A., is the National Automobile Dealer Association in the US. They are an industry association, comprised of member dealers throughout the US, and they deal with RV sales and purchases all the time.

That gives them access to all kinds of sales data, which they use, in conjunction with their own formula that takes depreciation and other financial factors into account, and produces the NADA RV blue book value.

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How Can You Use NADA RV Blue Book Values as a Buyer?

If you are buying a used RV, then NADA RV book values can help you to determine what you should be paying for a particular make, model and year of RV. Bear in mind however that these values are based on the best-case scenario – an RV that has been used moderately, and only has mild wear and tear.

Any damage or excessive wear and tear would automatically decrease the value of the RV, even when compared to the NADA RV blue book value of that particular model and make.

If you are a buyer, the NADA for RV value really is a starting point. It is the point at which you begin your price negotiations with a seller. Knowing what the NADA RV blue book value of a particular vehicle is also helps to ensure that you will never pay more for a used RV than its market value, which offers you a little more security in a world where used RV prices vary so much.

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NADA for RV also works well if you are looking at buying a used RV on auction. RVs sold on auction usually sell for up to 40 percent less than their market value, so if you know the blue book value, you can easily work out what your ceiling for bidding should be.

All of this helps to save buyers money on used RVs, and as a consumer, that is a very valuable tool to have.

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How Can You Use NADA RV Blue Book Values as a Seller?

If you are selling an RV, knowing the NADA RV values for the particular make, model and year of the vehicle you are selling also helps you to price your used RV at a rate that is reasonable, but also allows you to get a good price for your vehicle.

Again, the NADA RV blue book values you get will assume that your vehicle is in good condition, but you can then use them to make any necessary adjustments for excess wear and tear, minor damage and so on.

If you want to sell a used RV fast, knowing the RV blue book values for similar vehicles can also help you to work out a price that will get your vehicle sold faster, but still put cash in your pocket.

If you are trading your RV in to a dealer, it can also help to know what the RV blue book values for similar vehicles are, so that you get a good deal from the dealer you are working with.

RV blue book values help you value your next used RV

Blue book values help to make sure that you do not over or under price your vehicle when you sell or trade it in, and as a vehicle owner, that is always useful information to have.

It can ensure that you make enough money off the sale of one RV to put a deposit down on a new one, or that you don't get taken for a ride by an unscrupulous dealer.

What Do NADA RV Blue Book Values Cost You?

The good news is that getting NADA RV blue book information does not cost you a cent.

You simply log on to the website, select the RV section, choose the manufacturer, the model, and any special features, and you're presented with a high, low and average market price for similar models.

This gives you a range to work with, whether you are a buyer or a seller, and it literally takes seconds to do.

Since it is free, and easy, and such a valuable tool for both buyers and sellers, there is really no reason not to check the NADA RV values every time you buy sell or trade in a used RV. So if you are doing any of those things, why not take a look today, and save yourself some time, money and effort.

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