What is a Kelly Blue Book RV Value, and Why Does it Matter?


If you are buying or selling a used RV, chances are, you have heard of Kelly blue book RV values.

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In this article, we look at what Kelly is, what it is not, and why it matters.

What Is a Kelley Blue Book RV Value?

The first thing most people wonder is what a Kelly RV blue book value is.

Quite simply, it's a valuation based on a formula that takes into account various factors, like age, make, model and depreciation, among other things.

It is sort of a benchmark for an RV from a particular manufacturer, in a particular model line, and of a particular age. It is not an individual valuation, but it does give everyone involved a good idea of what the value of the vehicle is, given ideal circumstances.

What is a Kelly Blue Book RV Value, and Why Does it Matter?

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Unlike cars, however, you cannot just log on to the internet, type in Kelley blue book RV, and get the figures. Kelley does not list RVs on their website, so if anyone claims to have done so, they are not being honest!

To get the Kelly blue book RV of a particular RV, you either have to look in the guidebook Kelley publishes (an older one is pictured above), or you need to apply for a certificate for a particular vehicle.

What Are the Alternatives to a Kelly Book Valuation?

There are several companies offering RV blue book values, aside from Kelley. One of the biggest, and best respected, is NADA, and a NADA RV blue book value is a good alternative.

Not all RV blue book values are created equal though, and it is a good idea, if you are presented with a valuation from any company, to check the company itself out, as well as doing your own research from other valuation experts.

It might just be that the person you are dealing with is giving you false information to boost the sale price of their vehicle.

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How to Use a Kelly Book Valuation

If you are buying an RV, and you are presented with a Kelly blue book RV valuation by the seller, you can use that information to determine whether you are getting the vehicle at the right price.

Bear the valuation in mind as a starting point for price negotiations, but take note of any damage, wear and tear, or replacements that you need to make to bring the RV up to 'as new' standard.

Then find out what those repairs and replacements will cost you, deduct it from the Kelly blue book RV valuation, and you should have a fair price to offer the seller.

If you are a seller, you can do the same thing.

Alternatively, if you are a seller, looking to sell a used RV first, deducting a sizable amount from the RV blue book values you have got from a company like Kelley or NADA can help you to sell the vehicle faster.

Finally, if you are a seller, you could look at the Kelly blue book RV values for trade-ins of a similar type to your RV, and use those values to shop around to dealers for a new model.

Why Does It Matter?

You may be wondering why a Kelly book RV value matters. Does it improve the vehicle in any way? Do you get any benefit from it directly?

The answer is tricky.

Having a Kelly blue book RV valuation does not necessarily mean that the vehicle has the 'stamp of approval' of a particular company. It does not even guarantee that the vehicle is in good condition, or a good buy.

What it does do, for the buyer and the seller, is confirm what the average used RV values for that type of RV, of that age, and from that manufacturer, could conceivably be priced at.

Think of RV blue book values as a starting point for RV sales negotiations. If the vehicle is in perfect condition (which becomes less likely the older it is), then the Kelly blue book RV valuation is probably a fair price for it.

If it is not, then the Kelly blue book RV valuation, less the cost of repairs or replacements could be a fair price.

This type of valuation is a tool, which helps to ensure that everyone involved in an RV sales transaction is getting a good deal.

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Do Dealers Offer Kelly Blue Book RV Figures?

Another big question many RV buyers have is whether RV dealers offer Kelly blue book RV valuation figures to their clients. Some do, and some do not.

Those that do are probably upfront with their clients, and that is usually a good sign, but that does not mean that if they do not, you cannot get them. All you need to do is look in the blue book guides published by Kelley or NADA, or any other company, to check if their pricing is fair.

Kelley blue book value

Another useful way to use Kelly or NADA blue book RV values is if you are selling an RV to a dealer, or trading it in on a new model.

Again, the blue book value itself is not binding, but it should help you to determine if the dealer is offering you a fair price or trade in value.

Worthwhile To Have!

As you can see, Kelly blue book RV valuations, like the car, bike and boat valuations, are not a binding document, which dictates what a vehicle must cost. But it is a good baseline to use, whether you are buying or selling.

Since they are freely available either from Kelley or NADA themselves, or from most public libraries, it is worth making this a part of your research as a buyer or a seller, and it certainly cannot hurt to make the inquiries.

The most important thing to remember is that as a RV buyer or seller, you want to be fair to yourself and the person you are buying or selling from, so use the Kelly blue book RV valuation information as a tool, but take everything else into account too.

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