Jayco RV: A Traditional, All-American RV

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Why consider a Jayco RV?

When it comes to choosing RV types, sometimes it can feel overwhelming – like there are just too many options, and all of them are great.

Jayco RV offers loads of great options. Photo used under a Creative Commons license courtesy of j2davis2005 on Flickr

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While that may be true, and there are certainly plenty of RV types out there competing for your attention, if you're looking for a solid, all-American RV option, then a Jayco RV might just be the solution you need.

In this article, we'll take a look at the story behind the Jayco brand, and what makes it special. We'll also look at some of the RV types that the company offers, as well as where you can buy them, and what you can expect after you have bought.

The Jayco Story

Most of the big name RV types in America today have a long history, but Jayco is extra-special because of how that history started.

The Jayco story started in a barn and a chicken house, on a farm in Indiana. It doesn't get more all American than that!

Lloyd J. Bontrager decided that he could build a better RV. So, with the support of his wife, that's exactly what he set out to do, and in 1968, the very first Jayco was born.

It all started with pop-up camping trailers in a chicken coop, but today, the Middlebury Indiana factory sells more than 25,000 recreational vehicles a year, and employs more than 1,600 people in its state of the art factory.

The Jayco design system is based on what they call 'liveability'. It's what they work towards when they create any of their RV types – vehicles that offer comfort, ease of use, and are infinitely liveable. In fact, they claim to make the most 'liveable' RVs in America.

Not only that, but the Jayco brand has also passed environmental friendliness testing, and it's been certified a 'green' brand. So if you're looking for an environmentally friendly RV option, this is a great choice.

Jayco Models and Options

With a history that spans more than half a century, it's no surprise that Jayco has such a wide range of recreational vehicles on offer. In fact, no matter what kind of RV types you're interested in, chances are you'll find it in a Jayco RV.

First, there are the motor homes. From Class C to Class A, in a variety of designs and layouts, there's something here for everyone. In fact, with options like the Seneca, that sleeps eight and boasts some very impressive luxury, comfort and safety features, even the largest families can enjoy their time on the road in style.

Jayco also make a full range of toy haulers, fifth wheels and travel trailers. With options that include 'green' eco friendly travel trailers, to fifth wheels that sleep up to ten people (the Eagle and Eagle Super Light versions), to toy haulers for every possible toy you can imagine, there's something for every outdoor enthusiast in the range.

Finally, there are the Jayco RV camping trailers – which is where it all started way back in 1968. Made to accommodate up to eight people, and with some models, like the Jay Series Select, featuring built in burners and microwaves, there's nothing rough about camping with a Jayco camping trailer.

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Finding the Right Jayco RV Option

The only real trouble with having so many options is that finding the right one can be a tricky business. There are a few things you want to consider, before you start looking for the right Jayco for your family.

First, do you want the convenience of getting in a vehicle, and hitting the road, whenever the mood strikes? If so, then a motor home may be one of the better RV types for you. There's no planning required. Simply decide to go, get in and drive!

Then there's cost. The more luxurious Jayco options do cost more, but you're paying for luxury, comfort and design. If you want something a little easier on your wallet, then one of the travel trailers or even a camping trailer might be the perfect solution for your family.

Make a list of what you need in RV types – include how many people you need to accommodate, what your budget is, and whether you need any special features (and what they are.) Take the list along with you when you visit a Jayco dealer, and let them match your needs to the right options in the range. It really is that simple.

Where to Buy Jayco RVs

When it comes to dealerships, there aren't many RV types that you will find on sale in more locations than Jayco RVs.

In fact, in addition to an extensive network in the US and Canada, you'll also find Jayco dealers in Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Switzerland, the UAE, and the UK. That's one HUGE network, and it's all because Jayco RVs are popular all over the world.

You'll also find Jayco repossessed RVs and used Jayco RVs at dealers, RV auction houses, and from private sellers throughout the US.

So whatever you're looking for, in terms of RV types, there's a good chance that a Jayco dealer or seller will have it for you.

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The Jayco After-Sales Experience

Whether you buy new or used, luxurious or basic, there's no denying that an RV is a big investment.

Jayco RVs come with one of the best new-limited warranties of all RV types out there today. Their dealer network is also equipped to handle every service and repair issue, so you're covered no matter where you go.

You'll also automatically be enrolled in the Jayco roadside assistance program for the first year after you buy a new Jayco.

There's a reason some RV types have been around for such a long time, and Jayco RVs are no different. They're made well, and they're backed by a company dedicated to RV excellence. You really can't go wrong.

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