How to Compare RV Insurance Rates and Features

Need to know how to compare RV insurance rates?

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Compare RV insurance quotes to get the best deal

Need Insurance?

Need insurance? There you are, sitting with a fist full of RV insurance quotes, wondering which is the best RV insurance option for you. You are not alone. Comparing insurance rates can be a bit of a nightmare.

Lucky for you, we are going to look at the various elements you need to look at when you compare RV insurance, so that you can get the best deal.

RV Insurance Monthly Premiums

The first thing most people look at when they compare RV insurance (and rightly so) are the monthly premiums. As you will see later on, the premiums are not the be all and end all of an RV insurance quote, but you do want them to be in the same sort of ballpark at least.

Figure out which quotes are the 'middle of the road' ones, and focus your attention on those. Too expensive is never good, but always going for cheap RV insurance is often risky.

RV Insurance Deductibles

When you compare RV insurance quotes, check what the deductible is. It is no use having a cheap RV insurance policy if you are going to have to take a second mortgage on your home if you ever need to make a claim!

Make sure that a very low premium is not tied to a high deductible, or you could lose all the savings from your premiums if and when you need to make claims.

RV Insurance Coverage

The next thing you need to look at when you compare RV insurance quotes is the coverage you have, and for which types of incidents. Remember that there are all kinds of damage that can occur with RVs that are not directly related to driving, and you want to have as broad a coverage as possible.

RV insurance quotes should be read carefully to check for features and benefits

Ideally, you want to look for RV insurance that includes total loss replacement, fire and flood damage, collision damage, personal items cover, cover for damages to awnings and other special coverage items.

Make sure you look for those when you compare RV insurance quotes. Cheap RV insurance often loads up on the deductible, so you're left with a large bill to pay in the event of a claim.

RV liability insurance is also important, in case anybody else is injured on the road, or while visiting your RV.

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RV Insurance Terms and Conditions

The next thing you need to consider, when comparing RV insurance rates, are the terms and conditions. Most are fairly standard, but if there is anything you are not completely sure of, make sure you query it.

The last thing you want is to purchase insurance, only to discover later on that because of something minor, you are unable to claim.

Not only does this detail help when you are trying to choose between competing RV insurance quotes, it also helps to ensure that you are covered later on, because you know what you need to adhere to, in terms of rules.

RV Insurance Full-Time or Occasional Use Coverage

Another thing you may want to check when you compare RV insurance quotes is whether you are being covered for full-time usage, or whether you are covered as a recreational user. This is very important, and it can have a big impact on the amount you pay.

Make sure, when you ask for RV insurance quotes, that you specify what your usage will be, and if that changes at any point, you update the company. An insurance claim may be refused if you are living in the RV full-time, but told the company you use it only for vacations.

RV Insurance Roadside Assistance

Another key item to look for, when you compare RV insurance options, is roadside assistance. When you use an RV, you are likely to be well outside of city areas, and any towing or assistance you need is going to cost you a packet if you do not have this included in your policy.

Make sure you also keep the 1-800 assistance number handy when you have signed up. It should always be somewhere easy to find in your RV when you are traveling.

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RV Insurance Replacement Vehicles

Check whether the company you are thinking of dealing with has a policy on replacement vehicles in case of a disabled or crashed RV. Whether it is a loaner when your RV has to go in for repairs, or a new RV if it is damaged beyond repair, you want to know that you will have an alternative if things go wrong.

RV Insurance Extras

Certain RV insurance quotes will offer you extras – like alternative accommodation if you need it, first aid, and other additional benefits. All of those things make a difference, in terms of peace of mind.

Make sure that you do not already have them on another insurance policy though, because double insurance policies do not make very much sense. You'll end up paying more each month without getting additional benefits.

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How to Compare RV Insurance Quotes the Easy Way

A good way to make sense of RV insurance quotes is to take a piece of paper (or make a spreadsheet) with columns for each of the companies you’re considering, and rows for each of the assessment criteria you plan to use when you compare RV insurance rates.

Tell them whether you're going to be using your RV as a long-term home while you travel the country, or whether you're just using it as a vacation home.

Then fill in the details from each of the quotes you have, take a highlighter, and highlight the columns with the best deals. You should be able to see at a glance which of the companies you’re considering has the best deals.

If you notice any areas where the best insurance policy is inferior to the other quotes you're comparing, then make a note to ask the insurance company to improve that term when you call them to renegotiate.

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Why It's Important to Compare RV Insurance Options

RV insurance rates combine elements of vehicle insurance with elements of homeowners insurance. It is a lot more complicated, and usually more expensive, than either.

Since you are also likely to be far from home when you need to use RV insurance policies, you want to be sure that you have the very best possible insurance rates.

Whether you have a new or used RV, and whether you are the occasional road tripper or an RVer full-time, RV insurance is a must have.

Spending enough time when you compare RV insurance options, and making sure that you have the best RV insurance out there, will save you money in the long term, and give you peace of mind.

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