Coachman RV – A Buyer's Guide

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Coachman RV, also known as Coachmen Industries, may have been sold to Forest River Inc. in 2008, but the company is still making their famous Coachman models, and they've been doing it since 1964.

Coachman RV is one of the oldest names in recreational vehicles. Image used under a Creative Commons license, courtest of dno1967b on Flickr

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In this article, we look at Coachman in more detail, including the history of the company, which models are out there, why you should consider these RVs when you're shopping for RV types, and other useful information about the brand and the vehicles.

More About Coachman RV

These days, Coachman RV goes by the name 'All American Industries' – officially at least. Their website and their brand, however, still proclaims them as Coachman RV. The company has produced over 600,000 RVs to date, and they're still based in Indiana, where it all started in 1964.

Coachman are one of the most diversified camping vehicle manufacturers out there today. They still make a wide range of RV types, as well as toy haulers, fifth wheels, travel trailers and camping trailers.

All of the vehicles in their range are made to the same exacting standards, and they're still some of the most popular recreational vehicles out there.

The company is focused, according to their website, on great prices, great products and great value, and their vehicles are certainly competitively priced.

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Where Can You Buy Coachman?

If you're sold on the idea that a Coachman may be one of the RV types you should be looking for, the next step is working out how to buy one.

If you want to buy a new Coachman RV, then the process is quite simple – locate a dealer in the US or Canada (there are branches throughout both countries.)

Find the model you like, and apply for RV financing. From there, it's a very straightforward process!

If you want a used Coachman, the process may take a little longer. Fortunately, with thousands of used models on the road, this is one of the easier RV types to find used! Visit the Coachman website, and look up owners clubs – speak to members, and find out if they know of any good deals.

Consider spending time at RV wholesalers, RV auctions and second-hand dealers, to look for used and repossessed Coachmans.

Look online, and in newspapers too. Very often, good quality second-hand Coachman RVs are advertised by their owners for whatever reason, and you might find a bargain that way!

Which Coachman is Right For You?

Sometimes, having too much choice is almost as bad as having too few – that's the case with Coachman. The company makes so many travel and recreational vehicles, which finding the right one can be a daunting process.

To make it a little simpler, we've listed the primary models in each range, as well as a few features. You should be able to see at a glance which range you should be looking at, and then it's just a matter of listing your unique requirements, and contacting a dealer.

If you're looking for a Class A motor home, then you have the option between several RV types from Coachman. Options start with the fairly basic Mirada, but there are several more luxurious RV types in the range, including the Encounter, Cross Country and Pathfinder. These options vary between gas and diesel, minimalist and luxurious, so consider them all when you're shopping for RV types.

Coachman also makes Class C motor homes in several guises – from the relatively compact Prism, to larger, luxurious models like the Concord, Freelander and Leprechaun.

When it comes to toy haulers, you're limited to the Freedom Express if you want to go for this RV type, but with a list of features as long as your arm, and a very high build quality, "limited" is probably not the word.

Fifth wheels and travel trailers are available in versions ranging from basic to super-luxurious, and if traveling light, and a little bit of roughing it is your idea of a great holiday, then the budget-friendly Coachman pop-up camping trailers are a great choice.

Something for Every Price Range and Need

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Probably one of the reasons that Coachman RV is a leading brand in the US is that there really is something to suit every family's needs and budget in their range.

From rugged and rustic to five star luxury, there's something to suit every possible requirement in terms of RV types here.

Since they're all made to exacting standards, using high quality materials and finishes, there's really no bad choice either.

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Service, Repairs, Accessories and Other Extras

Coachman don't stop at making one of the most extensive range of RV types. They also offer all kinds of other stuff that makes owning one of their RVs such a great experience.

You'll find service and repair centers throughout the US, there's a large (and very cool) range of Coachman-branded accessories, ranging from clothing to pet products, and the Coachman Owners Association makes it easy for even the new RV owner to get involved in a community of like-minded families.

People who choose to buy a new Coachman RV also qualify for automatic enrollment in the Coachman Travel Easy program – which gives you one year of free roadside assistance, and the company offers fast, free, friendly advice on just about every question you could possibly have before or after your purchase.

There's even a nifty RV financing calculator on their website, that lets you work out what you'll pay for RV finance before you apply – so you can see which models you can afford, without ever leaving home.

Without a doubt, if you are looking for RV types that offer comfort, luxury, choice and peace of mind, Coachman RV lives up to its goal of offering an easy experience. Decide what you want and need, and let your Coachman dealer do the rest for you.

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