Is Cheap RV Insurance a Good Idea?

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We All Begrudge Insurance

When it comes to insurance, whether it's RV insurance, or household insurance, there is a common thread – it is a grudge purchase.

We do not really want to buy it, but we know we have to. Therefore, we look for the cheapest deal, in the hopes that we can save a little money on something we did not want to buy in the first place.

That is a natural reaction, but while it is perfectly normal to look for a good deal, is cheap RV insurance really the best thing to look for?

We look at the pros and cons of cheap RV insurance, and what you should be looking for when you choose budget-conscious RV insurance options.

The Pros of RV Insurance on the Cheap

The biggest pro of cheap RV insurance is, of course, that it is cheap! Most of us really do see insurance as something we'd rather not have if we could avoid it. We would rather be spending our money on things we want than things we need.

So if you can get RV insurance cheap, and spend more on enjoying a well-deserved holiday, it is natural to want to save a few dollars.

The Cons of Cheap RV Insurance

There is, of course, a downside to cut-price insurance in some cases, and cheap RV insurance is no different. If you find deals that are very competitively priced, make sure that you read the fine print when you compare RV insurance quotes.

After all, as they say – the large print giveth, and the fine print taketh away. Make sure that you are covered, for any eventuality, before you sign on the dotted line!

Also, make sure that you will not be making a large payment out of your own pocket (deductible) if you need make a claim.

Often, that is a method of offsetting the risk for insurers, so you need to make sure that that is not the case with the policy you are considering.

Choosing Cheap RV Insurance

So it is clear that there are pros and cons to cheap RV insurance, but there are a few things you can do when you are looking to buy RV insurance cheap.

  • Compare RV insurance quotes. If you get a quote that offers you RV insurance cheap, get others that are not as cheap, and compare the benefits you will get from each. If the cheaper option offers the same or similar benefits, then it is worth it. If it does not, then you know why it is cheap, and can make an informed decision!
  • When it comes to RV insurance costs, it is often the hidden costs that will make the difference between cheaper options and more expensive ones. Often, cheaper insurance options have a much higher deductible, and while it may be nice to save initially, you will find yourself considerably out of pocket if you should claim.
  • Investigate the company offering cheap RV insurance. Are they well known, and reputable? Do they pay out claims quickly and without fuss? Alternatively, do they have a reputation of delaying payments or not paying at all? When it comes to insurance, it is often as much about the company you are dealing with as anything else.

As long as you are 100 percent sure of what you are getting for your money, and happy with it, there is nothing wrong with opting for cheaper RV insurance.

Negotiating RV Insurance

The other option, and one that is rarely used by people when purchasing any kind of insurance, is to negotiate your RV insurance rates.

It is entirely possible, if you want to deal with a particular company, but are not happy with their rates, to request a revised quotation.

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The way to do this is simple. If you find a company that offers you a cheap RV insurance rate, but you would rather deal with another company, tell that company what you have been offered by their competitors.

In most cases, insurance companies will at least consider bringing their rates into line with their competition. In fact, shopping your RV insurance quotes around is something you should do once a year anyway – to make sure you are getting the best deal on all your insurance rates.

If your favorite company will not budge on their rates, there may be other options for renegotiating RV insurance quotes too. You may ask for extra features or benefits to be included in the policy, or for a reduced deductible, to offset the additional cost you will be incurring when you pay the higher premium.

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Often, consumers do not realize it, but with many options out there, you do have significant bargaining power, and you can get RV insurance cheap if you are a shrewd negotiator.

You may even find that telling insurance companies what your budget is can result in RV insurance quotes that offer better rates than you can had before.

Alternatively, if you don't have RV insurance yet, asking insurance companies you already deal with for a quote is a great way to get a good deal – in most cases, having more than one policy with a particular company allows the company to cross subsidize your risk, which brings down your overall premium on RV insurance.

So if you have car and home insurance with the same company, contact them last, armed with your best quote so far, and see if they'll dicker.

What If You're Offered a Better Deal?

If you're already with a particular insurance company, and you're offered RV insurance cheaper by someone else, it's always a good idea to go back to company A, and tell them what company B is offering you. You may very well find that your original insurer matches or betters their offer.

Loyalty means a lot in the insurance world, and RV insurance is no different. However, you should always remember that loyalty works both ways, and that when it comes to cheap RV insurance, your first loyalty is always to yourself.

Make smart choices, be open with insurers, and base your purchases on what's best for you.

There is cheap RV insurance out there, and many of the options are good ones. You just need to make informed decisions, don't rush into anything, and you should find you have no trouble. Shop around, compare RV insurance quotes, and you can find RV insurance cheap.

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