2005-06 Airstream Safari 25ft

by Terry S.

2005-06 Airstream Safari 25ft

2005-06 Airstream Safari 25ft

2005-06 Airstream Safari 25ft
Plan view of 2005-06 Airstream Safari 25ft
2005-06 Airstream Safari 25ft

What make and model was your RV?

2005-06 Airstream Safari 25ft

Why did you choose that particular RV?

We knew that we wanted an Airstream and we knew what size and model we wanted. So, all I did was shop for price.

What were the best features of your RV? And why?

Since Airstream is considered the premiere RV manufacturer, quality of both design and function were the best features.

What features or aspects of your RV were less satisfying? And why?

There were some problems with some of the electrical system. For example, we lost the taillights and it took several attempts to correct the problem. We also had a audio/visual unit fail and it had to be replaced, all under warranty.

Any comment for anybody considering this model for themselves?

I still believe that Airstream is the best. However, we bought like a Version 1.00 model and I noticed that the later versions had corrected some of the earlier "defects," like a badly designed open-door latch and the brand of A/V system.

How much did you pay for your RV?

List price was $48,130 USD and I bought it for $38,516 USD.

Did you pay cash, or finance the purchase?

I financed it.

If finance, which finance company did you use?

Thor Credit Corporation

How did you choose that finance company?

They were offered by Airstream and had the best terms/rates.

Would you/not recommend the finance company to other RV owners? And why?

I had no problems with them. They performed as agreed.

Which insurance company did you use?

21st Century.

What kind of insurance policy was it?

I believe that I just added it to the policy that I already had on my truck.

How did you research RV insurance rates?

As I said, I just added it to my existing policy.

Would you/not recommend the insurance company to other RV owners? And why?

Yes, I had no problems with them. I believe that the only time we needed them was when we once got stuck and they sent a truck out to pull us out.

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Feb 04, 2012
Great article
by: Anonymous


Jan 30, 2012
Shop Around For the Best Quotes
by: David Davis, Editor

Thanks for your responses. I would advise readers to shop around for the best RV insurance quotes before deciding.

While it's convenient to have your truck and RV insurance with the same company, you should first attempt to get the best rates.

Then go back to your existing truck insurer and use your customer loyalty and the other quotes as bargaining chips.

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