1993 Jayco 1006 Pop-up Camper


1993 Jayco 1006 Pop-up Camper. Image used under creative commons license from WikiCommons

1993 Jayco 1006 Pop-up Camper. Image used under creative commons license from WikiCommons

1993 Jayco 1006 Pop-up Camper: Financing - the Path to an RV Dream

On a cloudy spring day, our family decided to go on an adventure to Hartville RV looking for an inexpensive used RV camper, but the shiny, new, green pop-up glistened under under the showroom lights. "Well," we said, "It wouldn't hurt to look."

Our children immediately began jumping on the beds begging, "Can we buy this one, please, please?" We looked at each other and started dreaming RV ownership too.

The beds were huge and comfy, no more sleeping on a rock or on uneven ground. Wow, and it had a real sink that pumped water! Really, a sink! No more toting water from a pump far away from our tent.

The financial wheels slowly started churning, we looked at each other both knowing there was only one way we could do this... RV financing. Immediately, mom said "No, I don't want to have another payment," and began to walk away, but the salesman started reeling her back in.

"Look at the cabinets and all the storage," he crooned. "You know when you own a RV you don't have to carry all the equipment back and forth every time you embark on a camping outing." My mouth turned up a bit into a smile... "Hmm, that sure would be nice," I thought.

I took a step closer to the RV as he pointed out the refrigerator. Grr, I thought of all the times I struggled with a cooler and ice turned to water drowning all of my groceries. Well, maybe we could talk about financing for ownership. Yet my frugal side started backing away. No, a tent is just fine.

"It comes with a furnace," he called out to me. Then, he said the golden words every woman in the world wants to hear. "This RV has a closet for your portapotty!" That's it, I'll find a way to pinch our pennies and buy this miniature RV house on wheels.

But cash wasn't going to work, we had two young children who ate the groceries before I even unpacked them. Soccer, 4H and animal feed, piano lessons, swimming lessons, homeschooling costs and clothes took a lot of our budget. Not to mention housing and auto costs.

We asked so how much would this cost to finance? He replied, emphasizing that we could finance. We asked for some privacy and began whispering, "Maybe we could own this." The payment was affordable and didn't last too long. We finally gave the heads up, "Yes, we want to own it, but we would need to finance it."

We waited anxiously while the dealer applied for the RV loan.

The word came back yes, you qualify for financing! We now owned a 1993 Jaco 1006 Pop-up Camper. Of course we had to secure the financing with RV Insurance.

We bought insurance through our local American National Insurance agent, where we also had our other Insurance policies. The Insurance cost was minimal, due to discounts for multiple policies.

We love owning our 1993 Jayco 1006 Pop-up Camper, and never regret buying our RV, as we have had many wonderful camping memories with our family.

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